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%10 indirimli cilt bakım, vücut bakım, buz epilasyon ve zayıflama fırsatlarını kaçırmak üzeresiniz!

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%10 indirimli cilt bakım, vücut bakım, buz eplasyon ve zayıflama fırsatlatını kaçırmayın!

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Today’s and future’s popular profession, personal care and medical aesthetic services continue to be a respected career choice and to open a door to gain a growing customer portfolio.

In JOJO MAY Beauty Institutes, after the theoretical and practical learning process, you will qualify with the certificate of expertise and you will be able to continue your career in beauty salons and medical aesthetics centers, weight loss centers, hair removal center or you may do your own business as a beauty specialist.

In the scope of medical skin and body care, slimming, hair removal, permanent makeup and eyelash systems trainings, basic level trainings are provided to give you information about specific topics such as device usage, hospitality, CRM system usage and saloon management.

*The certificate received does not legally allow to open workplace.