Dry skin, wrinkles, spot and sagging may no more UPSET you!

Skintech 3D Technological Skin Configuration system is a new application offering you complete solutions. 4 different skin problems and 1 application, perfect outcomes…

How to Apply?
  • Your skin is cleaned up through JOJOMAY products and is prepared for application.
    1. FIRST STEP: MICRODERMABRASIONYour skin is peeled off without pain and wound with the help of diamond tips and a new and lively skin appearance is achieved.
      It provides solution for your wrinkles and saggings by heating up the deepest layers of the skin in a controlled manner.
      Needle-free mesotherapy is the safest and pain-free operation ensuring product to be absorbed without doing any harm to your skin. It lets the absorption of the most suitable product to skin at the maximum level.
    4. FOURTH STEP: LED PHOTOTHERAPYIt is a treatment method which ensures the skin heals itself similar to all other phototherapies. The most significant characteristic of this application is the accelaration effect of the care application done to activate the skin.Blue light: Acne Treatment
      Yellow light: Vascular and Couperose Treatment
      Green light : Skin blemishes
      Red light: Skin renewal

  • Saggings are removed without surgery with the effect of face lifting.
  • Wrinkle appearance reduces.
  • With the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin, radiant and bright appearance is achieved and spots are removed.
  • Choked pores are opened up through black spot cleaning and appearance of pores is removed.
  • Aging process is slowed down through rejuvenation.
  • Humidity balance is ensured, skin dryness is removed.
  • Skin redness, acne, spots and cells requiring repair are treated.
Whom to Apply?
  • May be applied to anyone, men and women above 18, who have hanging, acne, pigmentation disorders, couperose, vascular issues and wrinkle problems.
  • It will not be applied on and to pregnant women, those who are carrying risk of pregnancy and those who are breastfeeding, open wound and infected areas, those with keloid wound history, those taking medicine causing light sensitivity, irritable skins, those with tumors, those with immune system problems and cancer history, patients having low or high blood pressure, those who are taking blood thinners, those who had epilation and skin peeling done on the area where application is desired and those who are taking skin thinning medicines.
  • Our experts recommend 8 sessions once every 10 days for permanence and SKINTECH 3D TECHNOLOGICAL SKIN CONFIGURATION operation, which is creating significant results in a session, to be at desired level.

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