Over the years, our aging skin loses its original appearance, wrinkles increase and moisture level decreases. Yet, it is possible to prevent this and stop the skin aging.

The meaning of skin resurfacing is renewal of epidermal layers of skin, thereby decrease and removal of wrinkles by making the skin smoother.

How To Apply?
  • First, Abrasion application is performed on your skin. Your skin is cleansed out dead cells through carbon crystals and a thorough cleaning is done.
  • Skin resurfacing process continues with Hyper Pulse’s Developed Light Technology.
  • Unwanted pore appearance on skin is improved.
  • Pigmentation disorders and capillary vessel appearance on facial area are removed.
  • Pink and healthy skin appears.
  • Smoother, brighter and much younger skin in attained.
  • Collagen production is accelerated.
  • Moisture barrier beneath your skin is strengthened
  • Redness of the skin is removed.
  • A tightened, clean and healthy skin appears.
  • It makes the skin younger in time by getting rid of wrinkles and preventing new wrinkles to occur.
Whom To Apply?
  • Applied on any type of skin which does not possess following conditions and anyone over 25.
  • It will not be applied on and to pregnant women, those who are carrying risk of pregnancy and those who are breastfeeding, open wound and infected areas, those with keloid wound history, those taking medicine causing light sensitivity, irritable skins, those with tumors, those with immune system problems and cancer history, patients having low or high blood pressure, those who are taking blood thinners, those who had epilation done on the area where application is desired and those who are taking skin thinning medicines.
Which Areas Are Suitable For Application?
  • It is possible to apply on eye contour, neck, cleavage separately.
  • A session is 40 minutes.

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