Smooth and healthy skin like velvet is no longer a dream!

  • Crystal Skin Resurfacing is a “Micro Dermabrasion” method, applied on the top layer of skin.
  • A skin peel procedure performed with fine carbon crystals is not a surgical procedure for Crystal Skin Resurfacing.
  • Application is performed by IONTO Skin Abrasion.
  • Prevents symptoms of premature ageing.
  • Skin tissue is renewed and collagen production is triggered.
  • Color inequalities of the skin are regulated.
  • The pores become smaller.
  • Pigmentation disorders are diminished.
  • Scars and fine wrinkles disappear.
  • Cell renewal is stimulated.
  • After treatment, the healing process is not needed.
  • Anti-aging and acne treatment creams become easier to absorb.
Whom To Apply?
  • Skin with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Skins with acne scar
  • Skins with blackheads
  • Age-related blemished skins
  • It is applied to everyone over 18 years of age who has rough skin and does not have the following conditions.
  • It will not be applied on and to pregnant women, those who are carrying risk of pregnancy and those who are breastfeeding, open wound and infected areas, irritable skins, those with tumors, those with immune system problems and cancer history, patients who have high and low blood pressure , those who have used the blood thinner medication, those who had hair removal or used skin thinner medication recently on the application area, cardiac pacemaker.
  • 1 session is 45 minutes.
  • This procedure can be applied up to 6 sessions and the session intervals of 14 days is required.

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