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%10 indirimli cilt bakım, vücut bakım, buz eplasyon ve zayıflama fırsatlatını kaçırmayın!

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A perfect tailed, hard-edged, orderly drawn eyeliner.. Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning with such a beautiful eye makeup? It is now possible to have this facility with the permanent eyeliner aplication!

How to Apply?
  • Especially to people who has sensitive skin, local anesthesia effective creams are applied to application area before application is started.
  • After cream is applied, wait approximately 15-20 minutes and then apply permanent eyeliner.
  • You have a symmetrical and permanent eyeliner.
  • Your eyes becomes evident.
  • As per order, separate eyes can be shown closer to each other or closer eyes can be made to look far away from each other.
Whom to Apply?
  • Can be applied to anyone over 18 years of age and in every skin type except allergic bodies.

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