You won’t need mascara anymore with more intense and curvy eyelashes! How? Meet Lash Lifting at Pronail|JOJO MAY!

How to Apply?
  • Lash lifting may seem like an application made with a needle, but on the contrary, it is done with installation of vitamins, pigments and keratin.
  • In this application on your own natural eyelashes, disposable silicone pads are placed on your eyelashes roots and started with keratin supplementation.
  • After installation of keratin, lashes that are curled and gain a long appearance, with the paints created with natural ingredients, gain a dark and sharp appearance.
  • Long lasting, so that you can make up in your daily life makes your action easier.
  • Fuller, voluminous, strong and curled lashes.
Whom to Apply?
  • Can be applied to anyone over 18 years of age and in every skin type except allergic bodies.
  • Contact lens users, cataract can be applied to those.
  • 1 session is 40 minutes.

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