Efficient in all hair types and skin colours , HyperPulse Ice Epilation can be able tos hot on fine hair on waist region and lets you enjoy ice epilation experience with no pain at all. HyperPulse has a unique technology with its ice head giving you no pain and through its ultra speed it completes the ice epilation operation on waist region only in 5 minutes.

  • No complications such as ingrown hair are seen in applications carried out with Ice Epilation on waist region.
  • It eliminates hair follicules by heating it up to 105o with 5 shootings per second.
  • With the help of 7.5cm² large head, operation of waist epilation takes 5 minutes with a single-pass ironing laser technology.
Whom To Apply?
  • With its advanced technology it is efficient on all skin colours and all types of hair.
  • Applied to anyone who does not possess following conditions and over 18. (For under 18 family and doctor approval are required.)
  • It will no be applied on and to pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding, open wound and infected areas, those with keloid wound history, those taking medicine causing light sensitivity, irritable skins, those with tumors, those with immune system problems and cancer history, patients having low or high blood pressure, those who are taking blood thinners, those who had skin peeling done on the area where application is desired and those who are taking skin thinning medicines.
  • 9 sessions of application is required for permanent and exact results.

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