RF Technology not only reaching to superficial tissues, but also reaching to skin’s deepest fat tissues of body and removes fat away. This system accelerates metabolism while relieving your regional weight problems and at the same time tightening your body to destroy cellulite.

How To Apply?
  • RF Technology that permanently destroys fat cells by heating the skin’s lower layers in a controlled manner offers a solution to your regional lubricants.
  • Through Shock Wave the application is completed with shock pulse waves.
  • Due to the production of collagen resulting from heat, cells are moved and a more tight and flat appearance is achieved.
  • Even in first session, visible thinning is achieved in problematic areas.
  • Smoothness and firmness are achieved in areas with regional weight problems.
  • 100% customer satisfaction occurs because it can be applied to every part of the body.
  • Combined with Shock Wave and RF, this process provides up to 4 cm thinness in a single session.
Whom To Apply?
  • Applies to everyone over 18 years of age and in every skin type except allergic bodies.
  • It is not applied to pregnant women, risk of pregnancy and breastfeeding, open wounds and infected areas, keloid wound history, light sensitivity-forming drug users, extremely skin complexion, tumor, immune problems and cancer history, low and high blood pressure patients, those who have used the blood thinner medication, those who had hair removal recently, skin peeling and skin thinners who want to apply to the area of medication users, cardiac pacemaker.
  • 1 session is 60 minutes.
  • Our experts recommended 8 sessions for long lasting results.

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