What is Lash Lifting?

What is Lash lifting? What does it do? If you are wondering, in this article you will be able to find answers to all the questions about lash lifting.

Lash Lifting (Eyelash Botox)

Although eyelash botox seems to be an application with an needle, it is the process of lifting and fulling eyelashes with vitamins, pigments and keratin. It is similar to eyelash perming but it is more effective and lasting.

Lash Lifting (Eyelash Botox)- Q/A

Lash Lifting (Eyelash Botox) application in the eyelash is added to the prosthetic eyelashes?

No. This process is done entirely on your own natural lashes. No addition is applied to your lash.

I have straight lashes ,will I have curly lashes with Lash Lifting Flat Lashes?

Of course, our aim is to make your lashes dense and curls. As soon as the application is finished, you will get a great and volumized curls even without mascara.

I have weak and shedding lashes , Can I have Lash Lifting?

Yes, you can definitely make it. With this application, we will no longer shed as much as before, because we care for your lashes.

How long does the Lash Lifting app take?

It is approximately 40 minutes.

Does Lash Lifting damage my eyes?

There are no side effects except eye watering.

Does Lash Lifting shed my eyelashes?

No, certainly not shedding, but rather healthy.

I use contact lens, can I have Lash Lifting?

Yes, of course you can use with peace of mind.

I have cataract in my eyes, but can I have Lash Lifting?

Yes, you can. There will be no side effects to your eye disorders.

How long does Lash Lifting last?

This maintenance continues until 3 months.

Does Lash Lifting require maintenance?

No. It is enough to do it once. It can be re-made when its attachment starts to decrease.

Can I do makeup after having Lash Lifting?

Yes, you can even make up your eye or even your eyelash after the procedure. If you want to take a long time alone, we recommend you to remove your makeup without rubbing with water-based cleaners.

How much does Lash Lifting apply?

Lash Lifting 249TL

Does Lash Lifting stand naturally?

Because the process is applied on your own eyelashes, it is quite natural. After this application, your lashes have a more voluminous, strong and curled appearance.

What should I look for when having Lash Lifting?

First of all, you should be aware that the place and the person you are applying are experts in the field. You should not strictly apply the unqualified lotions to your eyes.

What should I look for after having Lash Lifting?

After the application, you should protect your eyelashes from water and similar substances for 24 hours. Because the pigment, keratin and multi-vitamin ingredients applied to your eyelashes should penetrate your lashes during this time.

After I have Lash Lifting (Eyelash Botoxu) if I touch my eyelashes will it get damaged?

If you do not touch your eyelashes for the first 24 hours and do not apply makeup, you can benefit from the Lash Lifting effect longer. After 24 hours, you are free to do all the procedures you are applying in daily life.

How often can Lash Lifting be repeated?

The durability of the application is about 3 months. You can repeat at any time after the effect has passed.

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