For women over 35 years of age, It is the only solution to sagging without doing sports and surgery!

The facts about the lumbar limb and the sagging of the legs: Our body start sagging due to aging and gravity over 35-40 years of age. To solve these sagging by doing sports is really hard to manage. The surgery and postoperative scars weaken further and make our skin thinner which results in sagging easier.

There are 2 effective technologies in the world that stop sagging. The methods of working these technologies are also highly scientific. Combination of two technologies should always be applied to fight against sagging.Unfortunately one application can not be left without the other. In one hand, the sagging skin should be tightened meanwhile, the collapsed and under-emptied tissue must be filled with collagen.

1- Fractional Radio Frequency
This technology is the latest advanced version of classical radio frequency. Thanks to its multi-poles, fractional radio frequency triggers the production of collagen in the sagging region by increasing temparature of the skin to high. It is applied approximately 25 minutes in each region. Pain is not felt after application. On the day of the application mild flushing may occur. Although the heat is high during the process, it does not create a burning sensation. You can protect your body against the aging of life with this method, which is recommended to be performed twice every year as 10 sessions.

2- Multi-Focused Ultrasound and Skin Tightening Method
This technology can only be applied to people with a fat thickness of more than 2 cm and it is the only method of narrowing the tissue with visible results.

Each region requires approximately 40 minutes of application. Pain is not felt after the application.
Frequent urination may occur on the first day of the tightening of the abdomen. 12 sessions per year is sufficient for annual tightening.

What you should do at home during ultrasound and fractional radio frequency operations against sagging.

  • To support collagen production and cell renewal you should drink 2 liters of water per day.
  • Avoid foods with acid and heavy carbohydrates
  • Alkaline and green weighted nutrition
  • Adopting a more active lifestyle
  • To support this process with light weight and muscle exercises.

By means of this planning , you can tighten your skin and get rid of all of your cellulite and prevent sagging.

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