The ultrasound used in medicine for many years now creates miracles to fight against wrinkles, morever in a SINGLE SESSION!

Over the years, our body is changing and deforming over time, undoubtedly the region that is the most changing and can not resist years is the face. Obsolete eyes, color changes and wrinkles can make us look old and tired. But now it is possible to look younger than we are by means of developing skin care technologies.

For many years now, ultrasound used in imaging the baby in the womb, has now revolutionized skin care.

The ultrasound system, which reaches the lowest layer of the skin using sound waves, activates the collagen structure here and brings youth and beauty to our skin.

The name of this method without surgery and painless is 3D Face Shaping!

Why 3D Face Shaping?

  • Without ache, painless non-surgical application.
  • It creates noticeable results in a short time.
  • On the same day it allows us to continue living in normal life.
  • It has economic session fees.

Who do we recommend for 3D Face Forming?

  • We recommend to people who have problems with sagging around the face and around.
  • It is applied to people with intense wrinkle problems.
  • The collagen structure in the skin of 40-65 years of age gives definite results in people who start to lose collagen.

Which regions are applied to 3D Face Forming?

  • It is applied in areas where the crow feet begin to form.
  • Used in jaw sags.
  • It is effective in eyelid sagging.
  • Effective in jowl.
  • It gives definite results in sags on the cheeks.

What Are the Results of 3D Face Forming?

  • It provides tightening and shaping in the face top.
  • Pulls up the cheeks to form rounded lines.
  • Opens the eye wrinkles around the eye.
  • Under the chin, it tightens jowl and sagging skin.
  • Creates lasting results for up to 2 years.

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