As the summer months get closer, the frustration of getting rid of the weight taken in winter comes along. Some of us are complaining of whole body problems and others are complaining about regional redundancies. Despite the heavy sports and diets, if the fats in the regions of belly, abdomen, hip, butt areas can not be removed then the only solution for men and women passes through the Cryo Lipolysis.

First of all, we should note that Cryo Lipolysis is not a weight reduction method. Cryo Lipolysis is the management of regional fat problems. Although it is a solution to regional fat problems, it is thought as a solution for the whole body but it is effective only on the application area.

Special handpieces are placed on the application area and created vacuum pulls the skin and subcutaneous tissue inside the handpiece cavity and coldness reduces the blood circulation in the area and immobilizes the fat tissues. Thanks to its special technology, it cools the tissues approximately -6C┬░ for 40 minutes in a controlled manner. It also works by partially isolating them to protect other tissues and not to damage them.

Fat cells are very sensitive to cold, the veins, nerves and other tissues in their environment are much less sensitive to cold than fat cells. For this reason, the surrounding tissue is left intact and only fat cells are affected. Frosting of fat cells by the applied cold is based on the fact that fat cells are killed and slowly removed from the body by lymphatic drainage and blood through crystallization.

Shockwave is the process which activates lymph drainage system in such a short time like 10 minutes effectively for removal of dead and shattered fat cells after cryolyposis.

* Cryo lipolysis procedure 1 session followed by shock wave operation 4 sessions are applied.


  • 2-4cm body slimming is achieved in a single session.
  • Slimming, tightening and cellulite reduction occurs in appearance.
  • Cellular permeability is increased in fat cells.
  • The blood circulation and lymphatic circulation are strengthened.
  • It creates local and general lipolysis effect by tissue enzyme activities.


  • It can be applied to all skin types and persons over 18 years of age.
  • Pregnant women, those at risk of pregnancy and nursing, open wound and infectious areas, keloid wound history, light sensitizing drug users, hypersensitive skin, tumors, people with immune problems and cancer, low and high blood pressure patients, blood thinners application to the area of ÔÇőÔÇőthe application to those who have recently epilated, skin peelers and skin thinners to those who want to apply the application, the application cannot be applied to the pacemaker.


  • 1 session 40 min. Cryo Lipolysis and 10 Min. The Shock Wave applicaiton combination.

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