You have tried a lot of methods to get rid of unwanted hair permanently: Waxing, depilatory creams, razor blades .. You have had hair removal experiences since you want to get rid of these hair permanently,. But if you’re not satisfied or not convinced by any of them, we’re introducing you to a brand-new, state-of-the-art hair removal experience: ICE EPILATION.


  • Many laser hair removal devices may cause burns or burning feelings. Considered to be the most reliable hair removal system in the world, Hyper Pulse Ice Hair Removal eliminates the feeling of pain with its ice tip and adjustable filter.
  • The one-time pass-through ironing system and the 7.5 cm2 wide header make the whole body finish in 20 minutes.
  • It destroys the hair follicules by heating the hair root to 105 degrees with 5 shots per second.
  • It eliminates the feeling of pain thanks to strong cooling technology throughout the process regardless of the light pulse frequency.
  • Thanks to its adjustable filter, it is effective in every skin color, bronze, white and brown, yellow, red and brown hair colors and every hair type.
  • Its adjustable handpiece easily reaches every point on the skin.
  • Hyper Pulse hair removal device can be used in all 4 seasons. It does not cause any tissue damage. Also it can be applied to tattooed skin.
  • Wavelengths are chosen according to application. That’s why it doesn’t hurt the lymph glands. Does not cause tissue damage.

It provides an extremely comfortable hair removal experience due to the lack of the pain sensation, not causing tissue damage and ultra speed.

Meet Hyper Pulse Ice Hair Removal for great results!

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