Weight and regional redundancies, one of the biggest problems of today, are bothering you? In order to lose weight, you have followed your diet for hours, you have spent hours in sports halls in heavy sports, maybe risking your health and using drugs. You don’t need these procedures anymore! Get ready for visible results even in a single session with 3D Slimming Whole Body Inch Loss! You can choose this combined application which is prepared as 1 device 3 operations and you can create the most suitable slimming program by doing a FREE consultation with our experts. To achieve precise results in 3D Slimming Whole Body Inch Loss, all you need to do is to help your fat cells from being discharged within 1.5-2 months with regular water consumption.


The cavitation application helps the fat to break down to the deep areas of your body and change its form, making it available as fuel in the body and disposable. Fat Cells are tightened to remove cellulite.

With the RF fat melting application, effective disintegration in more superficial fat and the tightening and recovery effect in the body are provided with effective heat.

Lenf drenaj sistemini k─▒sa s├╝reli ve etkin bir tedavi ile harekete ge├žirerek, ├Ânceki a┼čamalarda ortaya ├ž─▒kan ├Âl├╝ ya─č h├╝creleri ve par├žalanm─▒┼č h├╝cre aralar─▒na s─▒v─▒ halde s─▒zm─▒┼č olan ya─člar─▒n v├╝cuttan at─▒l─▒m─▒n─▒n ger├žekle┼čtirilmesidir


  • 2-4 cm body slimming is achieved in a single session.
  • Slimming, tightening and cellulite reduction occurs in appearance.
  • Cellular permeability is increased in fat cells.
  • The blood circulation and lymphatic circulation are strengthened.
  • It creates local and general lipolysis effect by tissue enzyme activities.
  • Helps lose weight by increasing metabolic rate.

  • It can be applied to all skin types and persons over 18 years of age.
  • Pregnant women, those at risk of pregnancy and nursing, open wound and infectious areas, keloid wound history, light sensitizing drug users, hypersensitive skin, tumors, people with immune problems and cancer, low and high blood pressure patients, blood thinners application to the area of ÔÇőÔÇőthe application to those who have recently epilated, skin peelers and skin thinners to those who want to apply the application, the application cannot be applied to the pacemaker.

  • 1 session is 120 minutes.

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